Hiring the old guy

Do you or don't you, hire ‘the old guy’! Perhaps I am just getting a bit older, but the IT industry seems to be more of a game for younger people these days. Although, to be fair, Police Officers are looking younger all the time too. “As time goes by...

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CIOs benefiting from Interims

4 key objectives CIOs can benefit from using Interims to deliver less politics, and more action Taking charge of a programme by an interim for what’s considered a short period of time doesn't mean the Interim can't make a big impact to an organisation. Full-time...

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Customer Service Effort

Great Customer Service Requires Very Little Effort Why the Financial Service Industry Needs to Simplify Every Customer Interaction In the early 1990’s I remember reading the following story in the IT press: McConnell got so fed up with not being able to...

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Data Centre Managed Services

Five network security market trends that matter for Managed Services It’s no secret that organisations of all sizes are changing the way they run their businesses. The move toward a digital economy, combined with the need to be “always on,” means that...

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Changing Data Centres

Traditional data centre’s are undergoing many revolutionary changes as we head to the 2020’s Hybrid cloud infrastructures, hosted servers, virtualized servers, and new methods to save energy and reduce costs in the data centre create an ever-challenging...

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CISO moves to the top

The CISO moves from the basement to the boardroom A growing threat landscape has changed the role of the chief information security officer in the past decade. Here's why this position and its evolution are vital in the modern enterprise. “With the recent ransom virus...

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Interim Consulting Demand

IT contractor demand at highest point for over a year IT Consulting and Interim management skills are at the highest demand in more than a year now that post Brexit has kicked off. Demand for freelance IT contractors rose to a 14-month high in March 2017, according to...

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How PMs succeed in procurement

How project managers can succeed with procurement management Check out these tips on how to successfully use procurement management in your projects. Also, two experts share their experiences on what simplifies the procurement process for their businesses Procurement...

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Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Azure launches 3 new tools to speed migration to hybrid cloud and optimize deployment In a Microsoft blog post, the company detailed three new tools to aid in cloud adoption: Cloud Migration Assessment, Azure Hybrid Use Benefit, and Azure Site Recovery...

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Website Hacking on the increase

Here are the top 6 ways websites get hacked, according to Google Google recently noted that it had seen a 32% rise in hacked website over 2016. Here are the most common tactics it found. In 2016, the number of hacked websites rose by 32%, according to a blog from...

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Bad Management affecting your business

How to avoid hiring bad managers Ineffective managers can drive productivity down and turnover up. Here are three ways to make sure the right people get hired or promoted Several years ago, the catchphrase "people don't leave companies, they leave bosses," began to...

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Breaking bad news to stakeholders

8 steps to breaking bad news to difficult project stakeholders There is no easy way to deliver bad news to anyone, especially difficult project stakeholders. Cushion the blow with clear open transparent PM communication. Bad news is inevitable at some point during a...

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Is Interim Management Dead

Is the market changing the way that we engage and work with the use of Interim Management? In short, the answer is no, Interim Consulting is not dead! In fact, perhaps the question we should be asking instead is: “are we all interims now anyway?” Permanent contracts...

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Cloud Migration done right

Lessons on How Juniper Networks made the switch in the cloud and what you can learn There are many steps for a company to transition to the cloud. At the 2016 Structure Conference, Juniper Networks' CIO Bob Worrall explained how the company is managing the change. For...

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Is contracting the future

Is tech turning contract work into the future of employment? Technology has made it easier than ever for employees to work remotely. This article has gathered comments from experts and CEOs about why more and more companies are using contract workers. Technology has...

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Global Employers choose consultants

Over 70% of global employers now use contractors to help fill IT skills shortages A new report found that 40% of US businesses now have a hybrid workforce of permanent and contract IT employees to fill talent shortages and fast-changing technical skill needs. If...

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5G is Future of mobility

5G is coming and it is the future of mobile In 5G, wireless will grow up into a true horizontal industry that provides a support system for literally everything Scouting the news feeds on where we are going with respect to the world of mobility and up popped this...

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Business Changing IT Spend

How business outcomes are transforming IT spending According to a recently released study by Datalink and IDG, business is playing a bigger role than ever in IT spending. The relationship between business leaders and IT is equal parts necessary and contentious. More...

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Agile Project Management changing the Business approach

Once considered a fad, Agile has matured into a popular and respected set of PM development methods The question isn’t who can and can’t be Agile, Everyone can! -- The real question however is: How can one make Agile work for you and your organisation? In fact, you...

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Request For Proposal

CIOs Seeking Innovation – Should the RFP process be replaced by the innovative RFS? There’s an innovative way to build and drive the RFP process as CIOs look to expand service capability and innovation but should the RFP be replaced with the RFS (Request For...

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